Friday, April 6, 2012

Good Bye Alvin

I was browsing Facebook, when I noticed strange wall comments on your wall. There were all in Chinese, but words like "RIP" was listed as well. 

My heart raced for a moment. Something didn't feel right. I clicked to view your wall, and more strange postings appeared. I had to use the Google translate programme to help me understand the wall postings. This can't be right...

I quickly made a phone call to a friend to get some verification. It was true. You were gone. You left so suddenly, that everyone was just in an utter state of shock and despair. I made a few phones calls and sent a few text messages, to get more information. It was very saddening. I was in tears, but I had to keep my emotions in check as I was also at work. I had a very busy day, but my emotions were none the less, affected by the sudden news of your death.

Good bye my friend. You will always be remembered as a funny guy, the clown of the class. You were taken from this world far too soon. Too young, too soon. Rest in peace brother. Namo Amithaba.