Sunday, May 13, 2012

BYOB Green Concept @ Damansara Kim

My first blog posting about BYOB was in early April, which can you read it here. Today, being a lazy Sunday, hubby and I didn't really have any place to go, so I suggested we drop by the BYOB Green Concept outlet at Damansara Kim, as I wanted to check the place out and see what products they have to offer. Also, I needed to get some floor detergent and I wanted to head over to BYOB and try out their product.

Main entrance of BYOB Green Concept @ Damansara Kim.
Armed with 2 plastic bottles (2 litres each) we drove to Damansara Kim and walked into the outlet. The interior setting was simple and clean, nothing fancy or extravagant. I like the idea of using chalk boards to display their product prices.

BYOB price list.
So what do they have here? Plenty...! Products such as laundry detergent, floor cleaners, kitchen degreaser, dish washing liquid, car car products, even hand sanitizers. All prices are listed for consumers to see, and they are very economical! The owner, Ms Wong, is very friendly and is ever helpful to explain what each product is for and will even recommend products to you, should you need a little assistance. Do bear in mind that her recommendations, are based on her experience using some of the products.

Pretty pretty bottles.
There's even a little corner of colourful bottles, and they contain the product samples, so consumers can see for themselves what they're buying, and even choose the fragrance. There's even a few bars of natural soap for sale. Children, those are not soft drink bottles, so keep your hands away!

The rustic looking counter is pretty cool eh?
BYOB @ Damansara Kim occupies a third of a full outlet, which is more than enough space at the moment to house the products, and have a small reception area for consumers. The setting is simple, and I particularly like the rustic looking reception counter. There are a couple of high stools for you to sit on while waiting for your refills, and a makeshift bench.

BYOB products in full view.
Ms Wong was kind enough to allow me into the storage area to take some pictures. She was telling us that business is still rather slow, as most people are still very skeptical towards such products which they perceive as "brand-less". Consumers being consumers, we have been bombarded by many advertisements and promotional materials, some of which have brainwashed us to believe that paying more = getting high quality stuff. In other words, cheap thing no good, good thing no cheap.

While the saying may work for some consumer goods, when it comes to household detergents, some products can be harmful not just to the environment, but to our skin too, as we're exposed to them while using them. Hence we will hear stories like rashes, eczema conditions flaring up, flaky and dry skin etc. I've been following BYOB's Facebook page and also believe that these blogger friends of mine would not venture into such business unless they really believe in the product and are confident of it. So why not give BYOB a chance, right? After all, we not only purchase the product at an economical rate, we're also helping  Mother Earth and reusing plastic bottles.

Love the sink!

Floor cleaner (lavender), Pine Gel (like Dettol) and dish washing liquid.
We ended up with 2 litres of dish washing liquid, 2 litres of Pine Gel (works like Dettol, use as a multi-purpose cleaner/disinfectant), 1 litre of floor cleaner and 1 litre of car wax shampoo, a grand total of RM 21.30. And as they have a promotion now until 28th May 2012, if you purchase above RM 20 in one receipt, you get 1 litre of dish washing liquid free (bottle not included).

So what are you waiting for? Bring your bottles over to the nearest BYOB outlet near you, and get your refills! BYOB is currently located at Damansara Kim, USJ Subang Jaya, Klang, Setapak, Kajang and hopefully, many more to come :) Here's wishing Ms Wong and BYOB Damansara Kim, great environmental success!

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