Thursday, May 31, 2012

A Gifted Man (CBS)

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This TV series was one of many hubby and I have been following over the last few months, and it was unfortunate to find out that CBS has cancelled the show due to low ratings :( Darn Americans are only looking into profit...

This series starts with a self absorbed surgeon, brilliant mind, talented, and a hot body to boot. It seemed there was nothing this guy can't do, he was like every girl's dream guy. The type of guy you'll be so proud to bring home to introduce to your mum and dad. The kind of guy your girlfriends would throw themselves on to.

This man had everything going for him, until he started getting visits from the beyond *ahem*, his ex-wife's spirit. The main character, Michael Holt, starts out as an excellent brain surgeon, whose life has solely been materialistic due to his list of wealthy clientele which he serves in his private practise. Until one fine day, he discovers the news about his ex-wife's (Anna) death, and started getting "visits" from her.

Anna is also a very passionate doctor, and runs a free family clinic down town (the poorer side of New York, as apposed to the more upscale side of Michael Holt's practise). Since her death, she started visiting Michael (and it's beyond her control, she just comes and goes), asking him to try to help out at the clinic as the clinic was her life. It is at this family free clinic, that Michael is exposed to the poorer side of things, and that not everything is as rosy and convenient as he had always seen them to be.

And throughout the entire season, you slowly see changes in his arrogant exterior. Michael Holt begins to question his purpose in life, and what he really is set to to achieve. There are also several other characters which would ultimately impact Michael's life and change in character, and I really like how the moral lessons and multitude of human behaviours were weaved into the story line. It's just too bad the show got cancelled.