Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Russell Peters Notorious 2012 World Tour

The new about Russell Peters coming to this part of the world, rocked a lot of socks off. Funny man Russell Peters, known for his crude jokes and poking fun of every ethnicity he can and getting away with it, people will PAY to go see him just to be insulted! TAKE MY MONEY!!!

Poster taken from
Russell Peters was scheduled to do one show in Malaysia, so you can imagine the anticipation when the date was confirmed and the tickets sales was launched. Massive rush, server downtime etc. There was no fucking way I could get hold of those tickets :( And then we saw the silver lining... 

Due to the overwhelming response (like duh!), Russell Peters was going to add a second show! And the newly added show was a day before his scheduled performance! Whoopie! On top of that, a friend who was also trying to get the tickets, knew someone in the organizing committee, so he tried to help us score some tickets (no promises of course, due to the overwhelming response). And we got them! Payment had to be made immediately in order to secure the tickets, so I promptly made payment and hurray!

To be honest, I wasn't willing to pay more than RM 200 a pop, as the most expensive ticket was RM 438, way over my budget. So we settled for the Silver tier tickets, at RM 188, still affordable and within my budget.

Somebody's gonna get hurt real bad~~~!
Armed with our tickets, we made our journey with some friends to Stadium Malawati, Shah Alam, where the event was held. There was already a steady stream of traffic heading towards the stadium. I guess everyone is just dying to get there to see the funny man (insult me please!)

Taken from our seats on the South side, second tier (Silver - RM 188).
Clear view of the stage and 2 large screens.
We parked our cars at the nearby open air car park, and made our way to one of the entrances. Then we were told that our seats were upstairs, and we had to walk to another entrance. Which turned out to be quite a distance, all the way to the other side! Luckily for giant banners pointing the way, we made our way to the South entrance. As we made our way, there was a long line of people waiting to collect their tickets outside the stadium. Made us wonder the organizer didn't allow the patrons to collect sooner, then at least they can skip the long queue.

As the stadium steadily filled up with people, DJ Spinbad was spinning to the crowd. A constant pre-recorded recording to remind people that video cameras were not allowed was playing as well. Everyone was just happy and excited and just waiting patiently. As most Malaysian events, the show start5ed half and hour later, at 9pm. Russell Peters must have been briefed about our famous Malaysian timing hmmm...

There was an opening act by Joey Medina, a former boxer. His jokes were pretty vulgar, mostly sex related haha! And then came the man himself... *drum roll* Everyone cheered and screamed and shouted at the top of their lungs (yes Malaysians love Russell Peters much!).

Throughout the entire 2 hour show, Russell Peters was just doing his stuff and making us laugh nonstop, with tears streaming down our eyes from time to time, and our throats getting dry from all that laughing. He was also picking on the folks sitting right in front, one of which was a family of 4, particularly the husband... and his wife happened to me the obgyn I'm seeing. What are the odds of THAT?!?

It's hard to describe the show, you just have to be there to experience a Russell Peters show. It's hilarious, it's crude, it's vulgar, it's just freaking funny. And after a long tiring day at work, what better way to unwind than to pay hundreds of dollars to a man that will make you laugh your bellies out!