Friday, May 18, 2012

Yoga Theraphy With Mark Breadner

I recently signed up for a 1.5 hour yoga workshop at the yoga studio I frequent, as I was told they had invited a special guest to teach the class. Curious, I signed up for it and did a little reading about the foregin instructor, Mark Breadner.

I've never attended any yoga workshop before, simply because most of their schedules were not suited for my timing. It was either during a week day when I have to be at work, or weekend and out of town. So when my instructors told me about this particular workshop, why not? Timing was just right, I could get off work a little earlier, and experience something new.

So who is Mark Breadner? I've never heard of him before, then again there any many yoga instructors out there, can't possibly remember them all. So I did some Googling, and discovered about Mark a little bit more - Click here to read more about him.

There were about 20 of us that day in the class, and everyone was just excited to meet and greet Mark. He started off with a short introduction of himself. His late mum had been a yoga teacher for 50 years (wow!), and he started yoga at the very young age. He also admitted he had his rebellious years, got involved in many unhealthy activities, and became really really sick. That was when he turned to yoga for direction and healing. And since then, it was a journey of discovery, a life long passion and learning for him.

I also read from the website, how his surfing accident punctured his eye and left him blind on one side, and how he had turned to yoga for healing. Such is his story, I can't imagine how difficult it must've been for someone with full vision, to suddenly lose one side of vision. But with the help of yoga, he pulled through.

During the workshop, Mark's emphasis was more on understand our body, our limbs, our muscles, and getting the mind to be still, to be aware. His style of teaching was leaning towards the yoga theraphy side of things, to help unblock the 'disturbance' and 'heal'. Someting which I can relate to quite well, as I am healing myself.

I left the class feeling enlightened and had a smile on my face :) Thank you Mark, for sharing with us your methodology.


Oh, you were at the yoga therapy? My friend Joey Liang invited me to join her and Mark, but I've got work in Kemaman, so I couldn't go!

@pelf Mark conducted a class in the yoga studio I frequent, not really a full session. He conducted a few more sessions over the weekend, I didn't go for those.