Tuesday, June 26, 2012

7th Mile Kitchen @ Kelana Sentral, Kelana Jaya

We first came across this place via a posting in our community Facebook page. The owners of the stall claim to serve authentic Sarawak kolo mee and Sarawak laksa, so I mentioned to hubby that we had to try this place one day and put their claims to a taste test.

It's kinda hard to find good tasting kolo mee in PJ, simply because good stalls are scarce. Many stalls claim to serve authentic Sarawak kolo mee, but somehow the taste just doesn't match their claims. Hubby and I have been to Kuching before, and I have to say that the kolo mee we had, tasted really good.

So where is this 7th Mile Kitchen? Currently it is located on the ground floor of Kelana Sentral, Kelana Jaya. Just off the LDP and along Jalan Bahagia (opposite the customs flats), you might miss this restaurant as it's tucked away in the corner. If you're still unclear, fret not, as this blog even has a video to show you how to get there (directions are from Kelana LRT side): http://www.tristupe.com/2012/06/direction-to-7th-mile-kitchen.html

Sarawak kolo mee - RM 4.50 (small)
So far, I've been to this place 3 times on each consecutive weekend, each time ordering different dishes. My first time there, I had their kolo mee. Springy handmade kolo noodles, generous helpings of mince pork and spring onions, now this is a happy lunch :D

Sarawak tomato mee - RM 4.50 (small)
My second trip there, hubby had their kolo mee while I opted to try their Tomato Mee, which is essentially the same handmade kolo mee (deep fried), and soaked in tomato gravy. Noodles were crunchy like eating Mamee snacks, while the tomato sauce added the tangy flavour. Oh, and the prawns were springy too!

Sarawak laksa - RM 4.50 (small)
My third time there, we went for the famous Sarawak laksa. Generous portions of vermicelli, shredded chicken meat, taugeh, and the delicious laksa broth. Omnomnomnomnom~!

Kuching style teh c-ping special - RM 2.50
This is their Teh C-Ping Special, which is three-layer tea, Kuching style. Just nice on a hot humid day~


Good post. Was drooling when i read this