Sunday, June 24, 2012

Henry Cook @ SStwo Mall

Having worked in SStwo Mall for about 6 months, I've never stepped foot into Henry Cook, and I can't really explain why! Anyway, we walked in the other day because my colleagues and I wanted to just give this place a shot, and after that day, we'll definitely be back for more :D

Henry Cook serves a blend of eastern and western delights, and their price tags was surprisingly reasonable. They have daily set lunches as well, which price tags that won't burn a gaping hole in our wallets. Another colleague of ours who has been here before, highly recommended their Singapore Nyonya Laksa, so we decided to give this dish a try. We were not disappointed...

Singapore Nyonya Laksa with egg - RM 7.90 (w/o egg RM 6.90)
The laksa broth was creamy and not spicy, which fits perfectly for my taste buds, as I can't eat dishes which are too spicy. Generous portions of the laksa noodles (lai fun), taugeh, and I also discovered shredded slices of kebab chicken. I would defnitely go back to Henry Cook for this bowl of laksa, it's really good value for money.

Brownie with ice-cream - RM 7.90
For dessert, we decided to try their brownie with ice-cream. Best dessert on any given day, a warm brownie served on a warm plate, topped with melting ice-cream. What I like about the brownie was that it's very 'padat', rich in chocolate and the texture is just right. It's like having a slice of ying and yang in your mouth. And the little res heart deco just made it look even more irresistible! The hearts are edible, but they're a little hard though, but the presentation made us girls go ga-ga~


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