Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Paradise Dynasty @ Paradigm Mall

We walked into Paradise Dynasty chinese restaurant located in the new Paradigm Mall, whose menu looked quite similar to Dragon-i, serving la mien and 'xiao long bao'. Paradise Dynasty it seemed, pride itself for its famous 8 flavours 'xiao long bao' : original, foie gras, black truffle, crab roe, cheese, ginseng, minced garlic and Szechuan.

 I really like this large Buddha statue, very calm facial expression.
Glancing through the menu, this place reminded me a little of Dragon-i, with the various pork-based la mien, Shanghainese dishes and not forgetting their 'xiao long bao'. We promptly made our orders: 1 basket of original 'xiao long bao', hubby decided on fried rice and I had their pork belly la mien.

Paradise Dynasty menu.
6 original flavour 'xiao long bao' - RM 12.80++
The 'xiao long bao' came first, and we tucked into the little dumplings. There's even a little place card on the table, to teach you how to eat the 'xiao long bao'. How are their 'xiao long bao' compared to Dragon-i? For me, I actually prefer the 'xiao long bao' from Dragon-i, as I find the meat flavour more aromatic. However, the broth is pretty identical. Never the less, the 'xiao long bao' from Paradise Dynasty is still yummy. Maybe next time if we're adventurous enough, we might just decide to try their other funky flavours (foie gras? really? in a 'xiao long bao'?).

Hubby's fried rice, can't recall the pricing.
Hubby's order was not bad either, and portion was generous. I had to wait quite a while for my la mien order though, as the kitchen ran out of la mien, and the chef was frantically making a new batch for the many orders that were coming in. I didn't take a picture of my la mien, as I was too famished to whip out my phone >.< So just try to visualize from my words...

I absolutely love the broth. If you prefer a clearer pork broth with your noodles, as compared to something richer from say, Menya Musahi, you will like the broth from Paradise Dynasty. The many hours of cooking and boiling the pork bone and meat, and the end result is a velvety broth, not too strong yet flavourful and tantalizing. The texture of the la mien kinda reminded me of 'mee sua', except that this la mien is not as sticky and it's thicker. The combination of the la mien and broth spelled perfection, and the pork belly was simply delicious. Oh, and there's half a lava egg too. I could have another bowl of this!

We still have 2 vouchers to utilize for this place, both of which must be used for the 'xiao long bao'. I think I'll just ask my parents to pop over and try out the funky dumplings.


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