Sunday, August 12, 2012

Positive Affirmation

We're going through a rather sticky and delicate situation right now. Gonna give our best and hope for the best. Positive affirmation and support for each other is crucial at this stage of our lives. Hope and love will keep us going.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Amaze Creative & Art Canvas Shoes

Hubby and I were browsing through Isetan 1Utama over the weekend, when we came across this really cute booth with canvas shoes, from Amaze Creative & Art. All the designs were hand painted, and the colourful paintings and patterns caught the little girl in me. I had to try a pair!

Given that these were canvas shoes, I was at first, a little skeptical of their comfort, mainly because of my right foot's structure. You see, I have a bunion of sort on my right feet, as the bone just below my big toe sort of protrudes out a little more than it should. According to my dear mum, I inherited this foot structure from my great-grandmother, who also had a bunion on her foot. I didn't know my great-grandmother, so I have to take my mum's word. Also, a little bit of Googling also revealed that the bunions are mostly genetic.

I was afraid that some shoes, being too narrow in the front portion, could give me bruises on my bunion. Hence I'm very picky when it comes to selecting shoes. I can't wear narrow shoes, so even some sport shoes (brands like Adidas and Nike have a narrower front) are out of the question. Good thing the Amaze range, their canvas material is soft, and has a wider rounder front. I slipped on a pair, walked around the aisle for a while, and decided I wanted a pair :D At RM 55, it's reasonably priced for a pair of canvas shoes. 

Super cute and colourful paintings :)
This is the pair of Amaze canvas shoes I settled with, after much deliberation and selection. I love the cute figurines and the sweet colours used. There was also an A4 board on display, and it says that the designs are hand painted by the deaf community (as per their A4 printout). Water-proof colours are used, and to prove their point, they even soaked a pair of painted canvas shoes in a large fish bowl.

To be frank, there were several designs to choose from, and being a woman, it was REALLY HARD to settle for just one pair XP

If you like what you see, hop over to Isetan 1Utama ladies shoe section, and check Amaze Creative & Art canvas shoes out. They are also available in Isetan Lot10, and Midvalley South Court, 1st Floor.

Hand painted work of art and creativity.

I feel happy just looking at them :)

Friday, August 3, 2012

A Bowl of Happiness

Buta Bara Don from Yokosa Ichiba, SStwo Mall - RM 25.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

NLP Associate Certification

Couple of months ago, I was searching around for some personal development workshops within PJ area, as I figured it would help me not just for personal development, but also for what I do at work. Having transitioned from being a Senior Designer to moving up to people management and human resource, I felt it was imperative I undertook some form of training at least, to better learn and understand about human patterns and the correct linguistics to use.

So I contacted a close girlfriend of mine for suggestions, and she pointed to me to Billy Kueek's direction. Now I've never heard of the term Neuro-Linguistic Programming before, sounded so science, especially with the work neuro, which made me think of neurons and neurologists (my mind wanders to Dr. Michael Holt, from the TV series 'A Gifted Man'. If only they didn't can it, sigh). So what is NLP? Did some Googling, and this is an excerpt from Wikipedia:
Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) is an approach to communication, personal development, and psychotherapy created in the 1970s. The title refers to a stated connection between the neurological processes ("neuro"), language ("linguistic"), and behavioral patterns that have been learned through experience ("programming") and can be organized to achieve specific goals in life.[1][2] According to certain neuroscientists,[3] psychologists,[4][5] and linguists,[6][7] NLP is unsupported by current scientific evidence, and uses incorrect and misleading terms and concepts.
If you didn't understand it, it's ok, cos I didn't quite get it either. Just too many words. Anyway, I signed up for a 2-day workshop (RM 988 early bird price) and walked in with an open mind. I was actually more keen on the linguistics part of the programme, as I felt I could definitely benefit from that exercise.

I got the chance to meet the trainer himself, Dr. Billy Kueek, from Singapore. A charismatic man, Dr. Billy made the workshop interesting, using several metaphors and life examples which were easy to understand and resonate to. The workshop was overall, energetic and inspiring. I do believe all the participants left the workshop feeling a little more positive and empowered. Read more about the NLP Associate programme here:

My certificate.
As for me, I definitely walked out of the workshop with some new found knowledge, which can be applied to both my work life and personal life. Oh, I also broke a wooden board and I have made some new friends too ;)

That's me breaking a wooden board, a symbolic gesture that with the right mindset,
one can overcome obstacles to achieve one's goal. Image taken from here.