Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Amaze Creative & Art Canvas Shoes

Hubby and I were browsing through Isetan 1Utama over the weekend, when we came across this really cute booth with canvas shoes, from Amaze Creative & Art. All the designs were hand painted, and the colourful paintings and patterns caught the little girl in me. I had to try a pair!

Given that these were canvas shoes, I was at first, a little skeptical of their comfort, mainly because of my right foot's structure. You see, I have a bunion of sort on my right feet, as the bone just below my big toe sort of protrudes out a little more than it should. According to my dear mum, I inherited this foot structure from my great-grandmother, who also had a bunion on her foot. I didn't know my great-grandmother, so I have to take my mum's word. Also, a little bit of Googling also revealed that the bunions are mostly genetic.

I was afraid that some shoes, being too narrow in the front portion, could give me bruises on my bunion. Hence I'm very picky when it comes to selecting shoes. I can't wear narrow shoes, so even some sport shoes (brands like Adidas and Nike have a narrower front) are out of the question. Good thing the Amaze range, their canvas material is soft, and has a wider rounder front. I slipped on a pair, walked around the aisle for a while, and decided I wanted a pair :D At RM 55, it's reasonably priced for a pair of canvas shoes. 

Super cute and colourful paintings :)
This is the pair of Amaze canvas shoes I settled with, after much deliberation and selection. I love the cute figurines and the sweet colours used. There was also an A4 board on display, and it says that the designs are hand painted by the deaf community (as per their A4 printout). Water-proof colours are used, and to prove their point, they even soaked a pair of painted canvas shoes in a large fish bowl.

To be frank, there were several designs to choose from, and being a woman, it was REALLY HARD to settle for just one pair XP

If you like what you see, hop over to Isetan 1Utama ladies shoe section, and check Amaze Creative & Art canvas shoes out. They are also available in Isetan Lot10, and Midvalley South Court, 1st Floor.

Hand painted work of art and creativity.

I feel happy just looking at them :)


Hello, I read your blog when searching for amaze.com.my, too bad it is under maintenance. Just to share with you... I bought a pair of Amaze canvas shoes (also size 37) today at Megamall Isetan. :D They catches my eyes instantly. And they are so confortable and priced reasonable. Very happy on spending with doing something good (support the community). I chose the pink ones with cats (even I'm almost 40 yrs old). Ha ha.... irresistable. I'm thinking to buy more (one pair not enough). Bye... from cilla.

Nice canvas shoes art! From www.8shoessupplier.com