Thursday, October 11, 2012

Mid-Autumn Festival @ Sg Petani, Kedah

Spent mid-autumn festival in Sg Petani this year, which was really a timing factor, as we needed to be back in Sg Petani to conduct some prayers for hubby's late mum. 

The surprising info I got from his siblings was that every year, during mid-autumn festival, the locals will flock to a local park, light candles all over the park and release Kung Ming lanterns to commemorate the festival. His siblings then asked hubby to bring me to the park to catch a glimpse of it all, and the funny part was that hubby didn't know that such an occurrence even existed in his kampung -_-" (a bit fail, I know!).

Children and adults lighting candles along the walkways.
So after dinner with the family, hubby drove to the nearby park, known as Taman Jubli Perak. It was crowded with people from all walks of life. Both children and adults were holding paper lanterns, lighting candles along the sidewalks, on trees, benches, candles were placed everywhere! Talked about having the permission to play with fire!

Light the way...!
Kung Ming lanterns preparing to float into the night skies of Sg Petani.
One of the main highlights in the park was definitely the Kung Ming lanterns. There were a couple of guys selling them for between RM 5 to RM 10 (depending on the size of the lanterns), and many people were buying them.

Kung Ming lanterns are very pretty, although a potential hazard to air crafts if they soar too high. The concept of the lantern is just like the hot air balloon, only for the Kung Ming lantern, it will stay afloat until the flames go out, after which the lantern will just fall back to the ground (on other words, littering happens). Another danger of the lantern is that it might catch fire and fall onto someone's roof or crops, or some innocent passerby's head. So, as pretty as the lantern is, I don't really want to contribute to the statistic. Still, it's very pretty to see so many lanterns afloat in the night sky :)

Oh, I wanted to showcase this funky mobile phone too. It's a Lambogni (Lamborghini) mobile phone, don't play-play! And if you're not into Lambogni, there's also the Ferrari model :P