Saturday, October 6, 2012

My Mobile Phone History

I was having a casual conversation with a colleague the other day, and the topic was about mobile phones. And I suddenly had a reminiscent of my own mobile phone progression. Here's a little story about it :)

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My very first mobile phone, the tough Nokia 5110. If I remember correctly, this was the very first model from Nokia with inter-changeable casing. Super colourful, super cute, super funky. I got this phone after a few months of starting my first job  back in 1999, saved up quite a bit to afford buying it (no *FAMA to help me out).

I remember making a date with a close friend of mine, to get to a mobile phone shop somewhere in 1Utama (way before the new wing was built). I had already inquired in advance the price of the phone and package (pre-paid), and had planned a few months to save money to get the phone. I think it was a about RM 800, for the phone + pre-paid line. This was probably my most expensive purchase in all the years, and this phone was with me for a good 4 years+.

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The Nokia 8250 was my second phone. Who could forget this beauty. The butterfly keypads at the centre was the main attraction, coupled with a sleek body and blue screen. I was working in Phileo at the time this phone was launched, and I recall a colleague of mine being one of the first few to purchase this device, at a cost of over RM 1,300. Ouch! I couldn't afford such a high price tag, let a lone for a phone, so I waited for about a year, for the price to drop to a more affordable range (probably in the year 2003?). I got the AP set, which was cheaper than the original distribution.

I recall even customizing a ringtone for this phone, using the keypads to compose the ringtone XP It was the theme song from Smurf ^.^ Laugh if you must, those were fun times. After a while, I even changed the front casing of the to a gold-ish one. Managed to get a good discount from my then bf's (now husband) brother, who was (and still is) operating a mobile phone shop. This device was with me for another 4 years+

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My third phone was the Samsung D820, sleek and handsome slide phone. Something about this phone caught my attention, maybe it's the masculinity LOL! I had been hunting for a new phone for a while, as my Nokia 8250 was going bonkers and suffering from very weak battery life. During those years, Nokia phone designs were kinda crappy, and as much as I wanted to stick to Nokia due to its sturdiness, it was fated that I would make the jump to a Korean brand.

A friend of mine, who's brother was in the mobile phone business, could help me get the Samsung D820 at a slightly cheaper price (no AP sets available for Samsung phones, bummer), and that was to be my most expensive mobile phone ever, about RM 1,100. Never the less, after a while of using it, I was pleased with the phone and it was serving its purpose, despite some glitches here and there. This phone would follow me for another 4 years+

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Since February 2011, I've crossed over to 'the dark side' apparently, switching to an iPhone 4 after a lengthy thought process and much consideration done. I was also looking to get a new phone as my Samsung D820 was experiencing a lot of old-age problems: The slider was having problems, some internal parts are breaking down, and the battery was zapping away. After much shopping and reading of reviews, hubby decided to get me the iPhone 4, and switched my pre-paid number to a post-paid. Yes, I was on a pre-paid line for the longest time, simply because my usage wasn't much, and I had little issues with it.

This phone is currently the most expensive phone in my life haha! And it's still going strong, except now that iOS 6 is out, seems to be draining the battery a little faster than I'd like, no more Google Maps, and my auto-lock function is not working as it should... 

*FAMA - Father And Mother Account a.k.a parental financial assistance.


That took me down memory lane. My first few phones didn't last as long as yours did though :P

I really enjoyed reading this post. Good stuff!

@adrienne Thanks for dropping by too :)

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