Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Nostalgic Klang Noodles

When my grandfather (on my dad's side) was still alive, my dad would bring us down to Klang to visit him. My grandfather was from China, and he made his living selling herbal tea (leong char). I remember when we were young, my dad would take us to this old food court somewhere in Klang town, where the herbal stall was located. Next to the herbal stall, was this stall selling noodles with minced pork.

There was something about this minced pork noodles which made it different from all pork noodles. The flavour especially, was very special. The last time I had this dish, was before my grandfather passed away. After that, the family didn't make trips down to Klang anymore, and I didn't get to eat this dish for over a decade. The old food court has also undergone some transformation, and I think the stall has also moved to some place else.

Then, just last week, my mum called hubby and I for dinner, and also because she wanted to check out the Setia Citymall (H&M, to be specific). We hopped into my dad's 4WD and he drove to Meru, Klang for dinner. Something about noodles, which I didn't give much thought about. As we sat down in the kopitiam, my dad and hubby went to place orders, while I chat with my mum. I asked her what was so special about this place and its noodles, that my dad would make a trip here.

"Do you remember when you were young, when your grandfather was alive, we would have this noodles and drink leong char after that?"

"Yea, what about the noodle stall? Its been years since I lasted tasted it."

"Well, this is the same stall, with the same noodles *smile*"

No way, I thought. Could this actually be the same noodle stall from when I was a kid? My dad reiterated that it is the same stall, only this time it's run by one of the offspring of the founder. Not only that, they now have three stalls in Klang town itself. The kopitiam we were at, was Restoran Pin Chou, off Jalan Meru.

It's something you can't find in Petaling Jaya.
My first bite, brought back a lot of childhood memories. The taste was very very familiar, reminiscence of my younger days sitting on a stool in the old food court with dim lights, slurping the noodles delicately with my chopsticks. This was a taste I had not had in over a decade, and yet my mind is able to recapture the past moments, something which had been long buried in the back of my head, almost forgotten.

Nostalgic noodles, I just had them :)