Sunday, October 14, 2012

Snippets Of Cameron Highlands October 2012

A short getaway with the hubby, one which we needed badly. Despite it being short, we had fun :) It was quite a struggle for me to come back to reality, a reality which I didn't want to face all that much. But I know I cannot run from it for long.

Upon reaching Strawberry Park Resort, the mist had engulfed the  hills. Sejukz!

A view taken from one of the many Brinchang hills.

Fresh strawberries from one of the many farms.
This farm is located in one of the hills near the Palas Boh Tea Plantation.

Mid-afternoon snacks, scones and crepes.

Flowers always bloom so beautifully in Cameron Highlands.

Taken somewhere near Blue Valley, where most of the farms are located.
This terrace of vegetables (water cress, I reckon) was pretty amazing. 
This picture above, as we both discovered, was also featured by Strawberry Park Resort, as part of their tour excursion for tourists. The photo they were using was much older though, the terrace wasn't that full of plantation and the hills didn't have that much greenery then.

The bloody tourist that I am, got myself a pillow :)