Thursday, November 29, 2012

Aupres Malaysia

AUPRES from Japan - Click here to go to their Facebook page.
Came across ths promotional roadshow truck for this new brand of facial products recently, and got myself a sample pack at RM 15, which consist of a cleanser, lotion (toner), and moisturizer. The AUPRES lady also gave me a free sample bottle of their sleeping mask.

AUPRES is French for "next to you, close to you". Did some Googling and discovered that this product has been in the China market for a while already, and is quite a hit with the women there. Malaysia is the second country to bring in the brand, which is under Shiseido.
Created exclusively by ASIANS for Asians, AURPES provides all Asian women the prestige option at an affordable price. Using some of the best Japanese skincare technology, the brand consists of skincare ranges to target women with specific skincare needs and a makeup line for enhancing women's natural beauty.
I've recently started using the sample pack, so it's too early to really comment on it. What I like about the sleeping mask is the light jasmine fragrance and the light emulsion as you apply it on your skin. It's gel-like texture is light weight, and it has soft tiny royal jelly bits in it, which melts as you apply it on your skin. Best thing is, I can put it on after I clean my face in the evening, just a thin layer will do. Leave it on the night with no sticky feeling, and just wash it off the next day. It's said to replenish and help the skin absorb more moisture, keeping the skin looking supple and youthful longer. Hey, if you're a woman, you will know what I'm talking about (nod your head if you're a woman).

I inquired about the price for the large bottle of sleeping mask, and the AUPRES lady said it's RM 95 for the  80g bottle, quite reasonable if you compare it to its parent brand Shiseido. AUPRES counters can be found at Pavilion, KLCC and MidValley KL at the moment.