Thursday, November 22, 2012

Fresh 'n' Lock

Made an aunty-like purchase recently... An alternative to cling wraps! Every household is bound to have a long box of cling wrap in their cupboard. We use it to wrap our bowls, our leftover dishes etc. In most cases, we can only use the cling wrap once, because it gets dirty and contaminated, and you really don't want to reuse it again, for fear of food contamination. Not only that, if you're using the cling wrap to cover liquid, say, a bowl of soup, you gotta be careful not to slush the soup around, cos the cling wrap will just leak.

Fresh 'n' Lock.
So there we were, doing our grocery shopping one weekend, and we came across this booth selling this amazing product. Yes I used the word "amazing" because seriously, it's amazing. This product from Fresh 'n' Lock, is basically a soft plastic, which when compressed, becomes air-tight, keeping your items sealed and fresh for a longer period. Not only is it air tight, it can even hold your bowl of leftover soup upside down?

What's in the box? 
No kidding, it's an air tight solution, an alternative to using cling wrap. Comes in four sizes too, how useful.

Look ma, no spills!
And just to prove how air tight this product is, I did this in the kitchen. Did it over the sink first actually, just in case...

After one week in the fridge, with Fresh 'n' Lock plastic air tight cover.
Conducted a little experiment as well. I covered a small bowl of leftover greens, and kept it in the fridge for one full week. To our surprise, it's still green!

Ta-da! Still fresh and crunch ^.^
Not a bad purchase after all. I was so convinced, I bought 2 more boxes as gifts to my parents and sister, hah! Yes, a very aunty purchase, as long as it works! Plus it's a good alternative to the plastic cling wraps, which means better for the environment, kan? As I bought it from their roadshow booth, it was sold at a promotional price of RM 35/box. Think the sales guy mentioned that the usual price is RM 50/box. Watch their introductory video below for a better understanding of their product.