Saturday, November 17, 2012

My Birthday Wish

Dear God,

This year, I want to thank you :)

  • For blessing me with a good life. 
  • For giving me functional body.
  • For giving me good sight (so I have to wear contact lenses, but that's OK).
  • For giving me a set of working limbs, complete with fingers and toes.
  • For blessing me with parents who care about me, even though they sometimes don't really know the words nor actions to use to show that they care (I'm not complaining OK, please don't take things the wrong way).
  • For giving my parents a very good and honest doctor who looks after them very well.
  • For blessing me with my grandparents, though they are no longer around, I remember their faces very clearly in my head.
  • For blessing my with 2 sisters, although sometimes we don't get along, we're bonded by blood and we really do care for each other, no matter the distance.
  • For blessing me with good health. I may have fallen quite sickly sometimes, but nothing too serious which requires major surgical procedures or treatments like dialysis and chemotherapy.
  • For blessing me with some really good friends, friends whom I know will always be there for me, to listen to my woes, my rants, my silly stories, and share the laughter.
  • For teaching me some very important life lessons, even though some of them have been really painful, mentally and emotionally. Had I not gone through those life lessons or circumstances, I may not have learnt nor realized that I am indeed very blessed with many lovely things in life. If you were to ask me if I wanted to go through the same life lessons again, I can honestly tell you no. But then again if it wasn't those life lessons, I may not be who I am today.
  • For giving me the opportunity to hear Reon Schutte speak, for his words have been very empowering, and is acting as my guide now.
  • For blessing me with the best husband a woman could ask for. He has been patient, loving, caring, understanding, and very supportive of me. He has been my rock during my most turbulent times in life. He has been my guide, my counselor, my best friend. He has taught me some important lessons in life as well, and I'm very very grateful and truly blessed to have met such a man. I'm humbled actually, that such a man have decided to spend the rest of his life with someone like me. Our love is built not just on our feelings towards each other, it is also built on trust, honour, dedication, give-and-take, patience, and of course, love for each other.
If you ask me what my birthday wish is for this year, I only have one simple wish. I wish for all the people that are closest to my heart, to be blessed with good health, good wealth, to always be strong and have the courage when faced with difficult situation, and to always be happy :)