Saturday, December 29, 2012

Miraku Japanese Restaurant @ Paradigm Mall

On Christmas Day, I made plans with my mum ad brought her to the neighbourhood mall for some mother-daughter time :) Since she likes Japanese food and doesn't get the chance to have them much (because my dad is not a fan of Japanese food at all, he thinks it's stupid food), I treated her to a nice lunch at Miraku Japanese Restaurant.

Miraku is located on the boulevard area of Paradigm Mall. If you know where Starbucks is in Paradigm Mall, just walk out to the boulevard area where the office blocks are. Miraku is located next to Chilli's, and opposite Seoul Garden.

Miraku lunch menu.
The setting of the restaurant was simple and cosy, quite typical use of birch wood all over the place. Here we have their lunch menu, which consist of the bento sets for customers to choose from. They also have their Special Menu and Grand Menu, with a variety of options available. Their pricing is competitive to places like Rakuzen and Hanazen. My mum and I decided to share their Miraku Bento set, a Spider Roll (soft shell crab roll), and a serving of Hotate Mayo (grilled scallops with Japanese mayonnaise).

Some appetizers to start.

Spider Roll - RM 23
Here's the Spider Roll. The portions were quite generous, and because of the width, it was kinda hard to pick them up using the chopsticks without the rice slowly breaking apart. Or my chopsticks holding skills is just bad la. Love the crunchy sweetness of the crabs.

Hotate Mayo (grilled scallops in Japanese mayonnaise) - RM 24
The scallops were nice and juice, 3 on each side of the shell. A little salty base because of the mayonnaise, something my mum felt was a bit overpowering.

The Miraku bento set - RM 36
The Miraku set looks so lovely and complete. It comes with sashimi, a grilled mackerel, an assortment of tempura, and the usual combination of rice, chawan mushi, miso soup and fruits. We ate and talked and had a fun girl day out, just mother and daughter :)