Sunday, January 13, 2013

Fa Ying by Rama V @ Paradigm Mall

*Long overdue post!
On New Year's Eve, a group of us decided to have dinner at Paradigm Mall. We decided to check out Fa Ying by Rama V,  modern Thai restaurant located at the boulevard. I've read some good reviews about them on the web, so this was a perfect opportunity to have dinner there. Our only concern was that we didn't make reservations on New Year's Eve, would we get a table at 7.30pm?

We were in luck, as the place wasn't crowded when we arrived. W were ushered to a table tucked at the corner, and the problem was that there were some pesky mosquitoes bugging us from under the table! We told someone from the restaurant, whom I presume could be the captain, and he quickly brought this water-based mosquitoes spray, and sprayed under the table. After that all things went well.

The interior of Fa Ying has a contemporary feel to it, and on the exterior they have seats with cushions and pillows. The only issue we had with the interior was the air-conditioning, as it got quite warm after a while. It was also probably due to the structure of the boulevard, as it is located outside the mall, and the captain said maybe it could be due to the day time heat *shrugs*.

Hubby's beverage, lemongrass basil.

Pomelo salad with prawns - RM 16
While waiting for the rest of our friends to arrive, hubby and I ordered a serving of pomelo salad with. It was refreshing and had a nutty tangy taste to it, thanks to the lime juice.

Some Thai fried rice, can't recall, but was mediocre.

Seafood fried rice - RM 20

Roasted duck sandwich.

Thai lamb sate - RM 20

Spaghetti with river prawns in Chu Chee style - RM 32
If you want my honest opening on their fried rice options, I say skip it, try their other contemporary dishes. The roasted duck sandwich was delicious and had a light savoury flavour to it, if you're looking for something not so strong. The Thai lamb sate makes a good appetizer, and their Spaghetti with river prawns was awesome! You can also opt to change it to fettuccine if you wish.