Wednesday, January 30, 2013

New year, New Walls

Made the decision to repaint a couple of walls in the house. Yes sometimes hitting the 7 years does that to you, the 7-year itch some might say. I did some research on colours, decided I wanted something bright for the large dining/living feature wall (which was previously a very safe cream colour). I knew what I wanted and what I was looking for, made no hesitation when we went to the hardware store to get the paint, cos this is what I wanted to do :) One of many little projects of giving our little home, a face lift for 2013..

The walls before this, hubby and I did all the painting by ourselves, including the ceiling (using ICI Dulux). Back breaking work, but was worth it to spend time with our love nest. This time around, we got some hired help, as the walls needed a bit of touching up, some cracks had appeared over the years (possibly due to some piling works which had been occurring over the last few years, a corporate project next door).

This time around, we went with Nippon paint, the Spotless range (low VOC). Paint is getting expensive these days, almost a 30% since 2010! We're aware of this increase because we have another investment in Subang Jaya, and I chose to use Nippon from the same range, and back in 2010 the price for a 5-litre can was about RM 115. Now the price is hitting RM 160 for a 5-litre can (before discount - if the hardware gives you one. We got ours at RM 140). FYI, for our current house, we used ICI Dulux Supreme, which was then the highest range of paint from ICI Dulux (back in 2005), and cost almost RM 100 per 5-litre can.

Adi, the hired help, scraping the walls and evening the surface.

Can you see what the new colour is? Hehehe...!

Nippon paaainnnttt... Nippon paaainnnttt... Nippon Nippon paaaiinnttt...!

This is what the walled looked like after the first coat.

I also decided to repaint another smaller wall, which was a feature wall for the little corridor area. It was previously a deep shade of pink, and now when I look back, I wonder made me choose that colour pffft! This time around, I picked a deeper shade of red. Plus now I'm on a hunt to look for some nice black and white pictures to hand on this wall. And yes, we repainted the feature wall in the guest room as well, as seen in the picture above (on the left). It's the same shade of orange, but because of the previous colour underneath it, the orange shade now has a pink undertone to it. You might say the wall looks more yellow, that's actually because the paint hasn't dried up, and the sunlight was bouncing off the slight sheen.

And here's the final result of the wall colour in the living and dining area, together with a new armchair from IKEA, a couple of new cushion covers, and some artificial flower arrangements I had put together :)


Looks really good! I wish that in 7years' time, I'll have the guts to paint the house with a striking colour too! :)