Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Old Cucumber Soup

This time around, we decided on making some old cucumber soup for after dinner meals. Old cucumber soup or "lou wong kwa tong" in Cantonese, is a pretty common soup for most Cantonese households, and one which my mum would periodically make for the family.

500grams of pork spare ribs (we used the part from the neck area - "zhu zien", very meaty)
1 dried squid
1 old cucumber - "lou wong kwa"
8 red dates
8 dried oysters
About 3 litres of water
Salt to taste

Rinse the old cucumber and cut them into large pieces (remove the center part). Toast the dried squid to release the aroma. Blanch the pork meat in boiling water and set it aside. Rinse the oysters and set aside.

In a deep pot, boil the water and add the old cucumber, dried squid, red dates, dried oysters and pork. Boil over high heat for about an hour, then transfer the content into a slow cooker. Cook at high heat for another hour, then set it to Auto for the next few hours. I left the slow cooker at Auto for about 4 hours, by then the aroma of the soup had engulfed the whole house hehe!

If my mum makes this soup, she tends to use both pork and chicken, which makes the soup sweeter, but also oilier (because chicken has more oil compared to pork). Hubby and I preferred something less oily, hence we decided to stick to just the pork meat. Feel free to use pork spare ribs instead.


I LOVE THIS SOUP! Thanks, will need to buy dried squid and red dates soon.

@suanie You want good red dates, head to 1U, the Chinese medical hall on the lower ground floor. Dried squid I bought from Tmn Megah, the sundry shop behind Pet Family.