Monday, January 14, 2013

Weird Dreams

Some weird shit dream I had over the weekend. Didn't make any sense to me, and I rarely have such vivid dreams.

I was at a Popular bookstore browsing for books. Had a basket with me, and 3 books inside. Walked to the cash register to checkout my purchases. A middle-age aunty was manning the counter. She took my books and started to scan them, punch some numbers on the cash register. Turned to me and said "RM 30".

I looked at her funny, and said "Aunty, you sure? 3 books wor?". She took a double take and replied "Izzit ar???". Got all fidgety and had this blur sotong look on her face, started to punch some numbers again on the cash register. I gave her my credit card to make payment. She turns around and hands me change, notes and coins.

I gave her the WTF look and said "Aunty, I gave you my credit card wor?!".

"Izzit ar???" was all she could say to me. I got pretty frustrated by then, all I wanted was my goddamn books! I woke up with my lips pressed in a thin line... mmmMMMmmmm.... And this was Saturday morning.