Saturday, February 16, 2013

Bacon Alfredo

A simple dish to make at home, one of hubby's favourite and mine :) 

1 cup cooking cream (if you prefer a low fat version, use fresh milk, but thicken it with some cornflour)
1 cup Parmesan
Pasta for 2
2 tbps chopped garlic
1 tbps butter
4 strips of bacon
Ground black pepper
Parsley for garnishing

Cook the pasta according to instructions until al dente. When the pasta is almost done, heat up a pan and sear the bacon. There's no need for olive oil, as the oil from the bacon is sufficient enough. Add the butter and garlic, and let the butter melt and mix with the bacon. Next, add the cooking cream into the pan, and sprinkle the Parmesan into the mixture. Then add the pasta into the mixture, sprinkling black pepper and tossing the pasta lightly to evenly coat each strand. The sauce will start to thicken, so be sure not to let it thicken too much if you want a bit more sauce in your pasta. Dish out and serve with some parsley.