Thursday, February 14, 2013

Four Seasons Restaurant @ Empire Shopping Gallery

Four Seasons, said to be a famous chain of Chinese restaurant originating from London, is apparently famous for its roast duck. Hubby and I were gingerly strolling in Empire Shopping Gallery for some CNY goodies when we walked past this outlet and decided to give it a go.

Located on the ground floor, the restaurant was quite packed with the lunch crowd. After browsing through their menu, hubby decided to try their fried noodles with duck slices, while I opted for the 2-meat combination (roast pork belly and roast duck). 

Fried noodles with duck slices.
Hubby's lunch was quite appetizing, came with generous portions of duck slices. Although a little on the oily side, the dish was scrumptious.

2-meat combination noodles.
Here's my lunch, and boy I must say the duck is pretty good. Moist and flavourful, the roast duck is quite delicious, although I have to admit, I'm biased towards Sunrise roast duck :P The roasted pork belly (siew yuk) was nice too, achieving a crunchy skin is a very crucial factor in making good siew yuk.