Monday, February 18, 2013

Lotus Root and Peanut Soup

One of hubby's favourite soup at home, with lotsa peanuts!

500 grams of pork spare ribs (or "zhu zien" - pork neck meat)
100 grams of peanuts (buy the ones meant for soup, not ground nuts. Buy more if you want to eat more)
8 red dates (not pitted)
1 dried squid
About 3 litres of water
Salt to taste

Blanch the pork in hot water to get rid of the musky smell, then set aside. Toast the dried squid for a few minutes in the oven toaster. Soak the peanuts in water overnight to soften it (preferably), if not, at least soak then for a few hours. Soak the red dates to soften them as well, then remove the seeds if you wish.

In a deep pot, boil the water first, then put all the ingredients into the pot, and boil at high heat for about an hour. After that, transfer it to a slow cooker, and set to high heat for another hour, before setting it to Auto mode for a few hours. The reason we prefer to boil the soup in a deep pot first, is to ensure all the aroma and flavour of the ingredients are released into the soup first, because the slow cooker will take a very long time to boil. So if you prefer this in the late morning, you have a nice soup for dinner :)