Saturday, March 30, 2013

Serenity For The Dearly Departed

Peaceful settings for the dearly departed, a hill with a view. And now with plenty of entertainment and a new mode of transport!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

A Trip To Carlsberg Brewery

One of the perks of being in the media line is, you get to go for media tours such as the Carlsberg Brewery tour my colleagues and I were treated to recently. When my colleague informed us via email that Carlsberg Malaysia was arranging to give us a tour to their plant and have dinner at their lounge, I jumped at the chance. Ok so I don't drink beer, or liquor, or any kind of alcohol for that matter, so some of you might be thinking what a waste for me to go see a brewery and not have a sip of their products. In all honesty, I was really there to see their plant. The dinner was a bonus of course haha!

Tag, you're it!
Security was pretty strict, which is to be expected from breweries. After all, a lot of secrets are boiling in there.

Carlsberg customer lounge.
First thing after arriving at the plant, we walked into the customer lounge. It was a nice welcome considering the weather has been erratic and the humidity was getting to all of us. Plus you get to sample all their products, some of them straight from the tap. I was told that beers from their plant actually taste better than what you get from the market.

Rows and rows of alcohol.

The iconic Carlsberg silos and signage we see from the Federal Highway.
After a brief intro from our host, we were guided to the plant, which was a 10 minute walk from the lounge. You won't be seeing any pictures from inside the plant as photography is prohibited after a certain point. Quite understandable, a lot of secrets in there ;)

We only saw the bottling line, which was pretty amazing already, as it reminded me of something out of a movie. Rows and rows of green bottles moving along waiting to be filled with the golden liquid, and the sounds of the bottles knocking against each other as they move up the line.

The Elephant Gate at Copenhagen, Denmark.
This is a mural painted on one of the external walls outside the plant, The Elephant Gate at Copenhagen, Denmark. Click here to view the actual building.

Our friendly guide for the evening, Diana, took us into the plant and briefly shared with us the history of Carlsberg, its origin, its journey into Malaysia and the many labels under it. Besides labels like Asahi, Kronenbourg, Skol, Jolly Shandy, Corona and Somersby, Carlsberg also carries other famous labels like Budweiser, Erdinger, Hoegaarden and Stella Artois, under another brewery by the name of Luen Heng.

Freda teaching us a thing or two about history.

The many awards Carlsberg has under its belt.

Yuuuummmm... Seeeeeeeng!
The Carlsberg lounge, probably the most favourite spot for more people. You can request for any of their products here, free flow. It's also a place for their staff to chill out after office hours. My colleagues had a ball of a time with the free flow of alcohol, hehe! As for me, I had mineral water, which raised a few eye brows at first because that was the first and only beverage I asked. Didn't have Shandy either, can't take cold stuff at the moment. Don't judge :P

Monday, March 25, 2013

Kuala Lipis Noodles @ SunwayMas

Made plans to meet up with a couple of friends over lunch, and one of them brought us to this restaurant in SunwayMas. He had raved about their siew yuk (roasted pork belly) for a while already, and being a pork lover myself, I just had to go for it :D

Located opposite from car workshops, the restaurant wasn't crowded that day, which is a good then it would be too noisy for us to have a decent conversation. I didn't know what to order and so relied on my friend to make the call.

Crispy siew yuk, nom nom!
 When the plate of siew yuk came, I could tell it's made fresh. The meat still retained its moisture and the skin was absolutely cripsy, and I like how they had picked a nice slab of meat to make the siew yuk, an even combination of meat and fat to make eating every piece of the siew yuk experience more delightful.

Dry noodles with minced pork.
The dry noodles had an even balance of meat and noodles, not forgetting some pork lard as well. If you like your noodles spicy, there's some chilli on the table for you as well, think of it as chilli pan mee style, escept that this chilli is a little of the pasty kind.

Slurping the noodles while munching on the siew yuk was just simply orgasmic. Just a couple of days ago I had lunch at Champs, Centerpoint, and I had their siew yuk rice. Champ's siew yuk was just as awesome, but some parts were fatter that most, and I didn't like that the whole restaurant smelled like dog fur. At least here at Kuala Lipis noodle shop, there is no dog smell (I love dogs by the way).

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Lai Thai Market @ Happy Mansion, Section 17

Hubby had been telling me about this little quaint Thai outlet in Section 17, and got me intrigued one weekend. So one Sunday we took a leisurely drive to that area and settled down inside this little Thai shop which doubles as a sundry shop, selling all things Thai. Heck even their TV was tuned to Thai channels.

The shop is an intermediate lot, and don't expect anything fancy from them. They can only cater to a small crowd one at the time due to the limited tables and chairs, so be prepared to wait if you come late. On each table were condiments to go with your food, much like you eating in the streets of Bangkok. This place even have their regular Thai customers working/living around the area (probably makes them feel like home too). The workers are Thai, and their supplies are from Thailand. This is as close to a Thai street food experience as you can get.

Pork patties, RM 4 per piece.
First up, we tried some of their side dishes, some pork sausages. The one above is made of minced pork, shaped into an oblong-like patty. The one next to it is also pork, using different marination and spices, as they both had different flavour to them. These would go well with rice, otherwise it's really quite salty eating them on its own.

Basil chicken with red rice and an egg.
I decided to try their basil chicken and red rice. The texture of the red rice is slightly tougher than normal white rice, less gluten I suppose. The minced chicken with basil was tasty too, although after a while I found it a tad salty. What's with Thai food and salt huh?

For dessert, we definitely had to go with the glutinous rice and mango! Love love love the glutinous rice and mango, and that flaky crispy yellow thing you sprinkle on it. I can't eat too much glutinous rice as it gives me indigestion, but heck, just whack only la :P

After lunch, I wanted to explore all the Thai products the sundry shop had to offer, so I started browsing through their products, and everything is off Thai origin. They even sell Thai garlic, which is in loose form and it's much smaller than the ones from China. I bought a small bottle of fish sauce for RM 5, which some folks might consider a little pricey.

The lunch bill for the both of us came to about RM 33, which is considerably a little high for Thai street food I reckon, but I guess it's because of the pork patties we took to try. I can't recall how much our mains cost, but I reckon it's about RM 5-RM 6 (hubby had some spicy kuey teow noodles and a can of Chang beer).

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

MyTeksi App on iOS

Tried out this MyTeksi app the other week, and I must say I'm quite impressed by it. 

It was actually raining when I decided to give it a go, and was worried that I might not be able to get a cab (and I couldn't walk out to the nearby bus stop). So I gave this app a shot to see if it could be handy during times of emergencies.

The app is easy to use too. Launch the app, and select your current location, and your destination. Once you select your location, the app will start to track the nearby cabs within your area. Then the bidding process starts (this could take a while as the cab drivers who are hooked to the app via the system respond to your request).

It took a few tries before a cab actually responded, possibly because of the rain as well. When a cab driver finally responded, I could see the name of the driver in the user interface, and even his car number plate. Which kinda gave me a sense of relief as well, that way at least I know a cab is on its way. I could also track the cab's whereabouts and which route he was taking to reach my location.

Screenshot of the MyTeksi app.
The app also shows me as estimate cab fair to the location I keyed in to inquire, so that's helpful to inform give me an estimate how much my fare would cost. Bear in mind there is an additional RM 2 top up, much like you calling the cab operator to call for a cab. Except with this app, you don't have to go through the hassle of calling the operator, and then wondering if the operator will call you back.

This app also allows you to share your ride with your friends or family members, and let them track you in real-time, so there's a sense of security and safety as well.

To download the app for iOS, here's the link:

To downlod the app for Android, here' the link:

Monday, March 18, 2013

International Women's Day, 8th March 2013

March 8th was International Women's Day, and boy, was it an eye opener for me. If you don't already know, I've moved a new working environment this year, and the new workplace is a fun place to be. People are great and passionate about what they do, and this step of quitting my job and moving on to something new is in fact, part of my healing process for the year 2013. Gave me a sense of re-focus and just an overall mental and emotional well being (new workplace, new friends, new responsibility).

Enjoying a head massage...
So what did the colleagues at my new workplace planned for International Women's Day? Well for one, the women didn't have to go on air (but they did have to help with all the preps for the men to step in). On top of that, a few masseuse from a massage parlour was brought in to give all the ladies a nice massage. 

Look at all the pretty colours...!
The folks from Nails on Wheels are came by to give us ladies a nice manicure/pedicure treatment

Roses and daisies!
The ladies also received flowers from the boss and another colleague, how sweet of them!

Lunch was brought in from Fierce Curry House, Bangsar. Awesome briyani is awesome!

And look who is the super star of the day!

Saturday, March 9, 2013


The founder of BYOB, Wilson Lai, was recently on BFM 89.9 for an interview on "Open for Business", to talk about what BYOB is and the concept behind it.

To be honest, I've known Wilson via online for a few years already, but we've never formally met face to face. Nor does he know that I'm currently with BFM Media. So when I saw the Damansara Kim outlet's lady boss (Mei Ching) walked in, I approached her to say hi. She didn't recognize me at first because my hair is a lot shorter now haha!

We spoke for a while and then I went back to work. And then Wilson came by my desk and we shook hands, laughing and saying to each other "We finally meet!"

Click here to listen to the podcast:

Friday, March 8, 2013

Italiannies @ Paradigm Mall

We had a voucher to use, which allows us to go to either one of Chaswood Resources F&B outlets, namely TGIF, Italiannies and The Apartment. So we decided to use it at Italiannies Paradigm Mall :)

Seafood risotto, tasty but too much MSG/salt used.
After looking at the menu, I decided on their seafood risotto. And when the dish was served. I was pleasantly surprised by the serving. The risotto was at the centre topped with fresh prawns and tomatoes, and surrounded by clams and mussels, drizzled with a nice garlic-key buttery sauce. Pleasing to the eye, but what about the stomach?

I found the dish full of flavour, a very hearty dish. But I think the chefs overdid it with the salt and MSG...! XP Made me thirsty la... Chefs, if you have a good broth, you really don't need to use so much of salt and MSG to flavour your dishes. You want your dishes to be your pride and of the restaurant's pride kan?

Meatball pasta (small), served with one big-ass meatball in your face.
Hubby's meatball pasta was pretty good too, although I still prefer pastas from Dave's at 1Utama. He ordered the small serving which comes with one giant meatball, the regular portions serves two which comes with two meatballs. Again, a tad too much salt.

Oh, we were also offered the Chaswood membership loyalty card "Pinch of Salt", which gives us 10% rebate on our next visit to Chaswood Resources F&B outlets, along with other privileges

Friday, March 1, 2013

Dried Scallops and Shredded Chicken Meat Porridge

Dried Hokkaido scallops :D Beautiful ain't it?

1 cup rice for two (rinsed)
Water (about 3 big bowls)
Dried scallops (soaked overnight or at least a few hours). Keep the water!
Shredded chicken meat
Ginger and spring onions for garnishing.

This is an important step. As you soak the scallops, the water will turn a little yellowish, which is the essence of the scallops. DON'T THROW THE WATER AWAY! Keep it for the porridge later, it will make the porridge taste absolutely sweeter :D

I used my rice cooker to make the porridge. You can also opt to use a deep pot to make your porridge. If halfway during the process you find you need more water, just add some hot water into the pot.

Place the rice and water into the rice cooker and hit the "Cook" button. Once the water is boiling, lift the lid slightly so that the water doesn't overflow, as it can damage the rice cooker. Stir occasionally to avoid the base from sticking. Add the meat, scallops and the water from soaking the scallops, and let it boil until you get the consistency you desire:

Teo Chew style porridge - watery, the rice hasn't completely broken down.
Cantonese style porridge - thicker, rice has pretty much broken down.