Wednesday, March 27, 2013

A Trip To Carlsberg Brewery

One of the perks of being in the media line is, you get to go for media tours such as the Carlsberg Brewery tour my colleagues and I were treated to recently. When my colleague informed us via email that Carlsberg Malaysia was arranging to give us a tour to their plant and have dinner at their lounge, I jumped at the chance. Ok so I don't drink beer, or liquor, or any kind of alcohol for that matter, so some of you might be thinking what a waste for me to go see a brewery and not have a sip of their products. In all honesty, I was really there to see their plant. The dinner was a bonus of course haha!

Tag, you're it!
Security was pretty strict, which is to be expected from breweries. After all, a lot of secrets are boiling in there.

Carlsberg customer lounge.
First thing after arriving at the plant, we walked into the customer lounge. It was a nice welcome considering the weather has been erratic and the humidity was getting to all of us. Plus you get to sample all their products, some of them straight from the tap. I was told that beers from their plant actually taste better than what you get from the market.

Rows and rows of alcohol.

The iconic Carlsberg silos and signage we see from the Federal Highway.
After a brief intro from our host, we were guided to the plant, which was a 10 minute walk from the lounge. You won't be seeing any pictures from inside the plant as photography is prohibited after a certain point. Quite understandable, a lot of secrets in there ;)

We only saw the bottling line, which was pretty amazing already, as it reminded me of something out of a movie. Rows and rows of green bottles moving along waiting to be filled with the golden liquid, and the sounds of the bottles knocking against each other as they move up the line.

The Elephant Gate at Copenhagen, Denmark.
This is a mural painted on one of the external walls outside the plant, The Elephant Gate at Copenhagen, Denmark. Click here to view the actual building.

Our friendly guide for the evening, Diana, took us into the plant and briefly shared with us the history of Carlsberg, its origin, its journey into Malaysia and the many labels under it. Besides labels like Asahi, Kronenbourg, Skol, Jolly Shandy, Corona and Somersby, Carlsberg also carries other famous labels like Budweiser, Erdinger, Hoegaarden and Stella Artois, under another brewery by the name of Luen Heng.

Freda teaching us a thing or two about history.

The many awards Carlsberg has under its belt.

Yuuuummmm... Seeeeeeeng!
The Carlsberg lounge, probably the most favourite spot for more people. You can request for any of their products here, free flow. It's also a place for their staff to chill out after office hours. My colleagues had a ball of a time with the free flow of alcohol, hehe! As for me, I had mineral water, which raised a few eye brows at first because that was the first and only beverage I asked. Didn't have Shandy either, can't take cold stuff at the moment. Don't judge :P