Saturday, March 9, 2013


The founder of BYOB, Wilson Lai, was recently on BFM 89.9 for an interview on "Open for Business", to talk about what BYOB is and the concept behind it.

To be honest, I've known Wilson via online for a few years already, but we've never formally met face to face. Nor does he know that I'm currently with BFM Media. So when I saw the Damansara Kim outlet's lady boss (Mei Ching) walked in, I approached her to say hi. She didn't recognize me at first because my hair is a lot shorter now haha!

We spoke for a while and then I went back to work. And then Wilson came by my desk and we shook hands, laughing and saying to each other "We finally meet!"

Click here to listen to the podcast:


should have taken a pic with u!!! haha