Friday, March 1, 2013

Dried Scallops and Shredded Chicken Meat Porridge

Dried Hokkaido scallops :D Beautiful ain't it?

1 cup rice for two (rinsed)
Water (about 3 big bowls)
Dried scallops (soaked overnight or at least a few hours). Keep the water!
Shredded chicken meat
Ginger and spring onions for garnishing.

This is an important step. As you soak the scallops, the water will turn a little yellowish, which is the essence of the scallops. DON'T THROW THE WATER AWAY! Keep it for the porridge later, it will make the porridge taste absolutely sweeter :D

I used my rice cooker to make the porridge. You can also opt to use a deep pot to make your porridge. If halfway during the process you find you need more water, just add some hot water into the pot.

Place the rice and water into the rice cooker and hit the "Cook" button. Once the water is boiling, lift the lid slightly so that the water doesn't overflow, as it can damage the rice cooker. Stir occasionally to avoid the base from sticking. Add the meat, scallops and the water from soaking the scallops, and let it boil until you get the consistency you desire:

Teo Chew style porridge - watery, the rice hasn't completely broken down.
Cantonese style porridge - thicker, rice has pretty much broken down.