Friday, March 8, 2013

Italiannies @ Paradigm Mall

We had a voucher to use, which allows us to go to either one of Chaswood Resources F&B outlets, namely TGIF, Italiannies and The Apartment. So we decided to use it at Italiannies Paradigm Mall :)

Seafood risotto, tasty but too much MSG/salt used.
After looking at the menu, I decided on their seafood risotto. And when the dish was served. I was pleasantly surprised by the serving. The risotto was at the centre topped with fresh prawns and tomatoes, and surrounded by clams and mussels, drizzled with a nice garlic-key buttery sauce. Pleasing to the eye, but what about the stomach?

I found the dish full of flavour, a very hearty dish. But I think the chefs overdid it with the salt and MSG...! XP Made me thirsty la... Chefs, if you have a good broth, you really don't need to use so much of salt and MSG to flavour your dishes. You want your dishes to be your pride and of the restaurant's pride kan?

Meatball pasta (small), served with one big-ass meatball in your face.
Hubby's meatball pasta was pretty good too, although I still prefer pastas from Dave's at 1Utama. He ordered the small serving which comes with one giant meatball, the regular portions serves two which comes with two meatballs. Again, a tad too much salt.

Oh, we were also offered the Chaswood membership loyalty card "Pinch of Salt", which gives us 10% rebate on our next visit to Chaswood Resources F&B outlets, along with other privileges