Monday, March 25, 2013

Kuala Lipis Noodles @ SunwayMas

Made plans to meet up with a couple of friends over lunch, and one of them brought us to this restaurant in SunwayMas. He had raved about their siew yuk (roasted pork belly) for a while already, and being a pork lover myself, I just had to go for it :D

Located opposite from car workshops, the restaurant wasn't crowded that day, which is a good then it would be too noisy for us to have a decent conversation. I didn't know what to order and so relied on my friend to make the call.

Crispy siew yuk, nom nom!
 When the plate of siew yuk came, I could tell it's made fresh. The meat still retained its moisture and the skin was absolutely cripsy, and I like how they had picked a nice slab of meat to make the siew yuk, an even combination of meat and fat to make eating every piece of the siew yuk experience more delightful.

Dry noodles with minced pork.
The dry noodles had an even balance of meat and noodles, not forgetting some pork lard as well. If you like your noodles spicy, there's some chilli on the table for you as well, think of it as chilli pan mee style, escept that this chilli is a little of the pasty kind.

Slurping the noodles while munching on the siew yuk was just simply orgasmic. Just a couple of days ago I had lunch at Champs, Centerpoint, and I had their siew yuk rice. Champ's siew yuk was just as awesome, but some parts were fatter that most, and I didn't like that the whole restaurant smelled like dog fur. At least here at Kuala Lipis noodle shop, there is no dog smell (I love dogs by the way).


But the original Lipis one don't use pork one wo.