Sunday, March 24, 2013

Lai Thai Market @ Happy Mansion, Section 17

Hubby had been telling me about this little quaint Thai outlet in Section 17, and got me intrigued one weekend. So one Sunday we took a leisurely drive to that area and settled down inside this little Thai shop which doubles as a sundry shop, selling all things Thai. Heck even their TV was tuned to Thai channels.

The shop is an intermediate lot, and don't expect anything fancy from them. They can only cater to a small crowd one at the time due to the limited tables and chairs, so be prepared to wait if you come late. On each table were condiments to go with your food, much like you eating in the streets of Bangkok. This place even have their regular Thai customers working/living around the area (probably makes them feel like home too). The workers are Thai, and their supplies are from Thailand. This is as close to a Thai street food experience as you can get.

Pork patties, RM 4 per piece.
First up, we tried some of their side dishes, some pork sausages. The one above is made of minced pork, shaped into an oblong-like patty. The one next to it is also pork, using different marination and spices, as they both had different flavour to them. These would go well with rice, otherwise it's really quite salty eating them on its own.

Basil chicken with red rice and an egg.
I decided to try their basil chicken and red rice. The texture of the red rice is slightly tougher than normal white rice, less gluten I suppose. The minced chicken with basil was tasty too, although after a while I found it a tad salty. What's with Thai food and salt huh?

For dessert, we definitely had to go with the glutinous rice and mango! Love love love the glutinous rice and mango, and that flaky crispy yellow thing you sprinkle on it. I can't eat too much glutinous rice as it gives me indigestion, but heck, just whack only la :P

After lunch, I wanted to explore all the Thai products the sundry shop had to offer, so I started browsing through their products, and everything is off Thai origin. They even sell Thai garlic, which is in loose form and it's much smaller than the ones from China. I bought a small bottle of fish sauce for RM 5, which some folks might consider a little pricey.

The lunch bill for the both of us came to about RM 33, which is considerably a little high for Thai street food I reckon, but I guess it's because of the pork patties we took to try. I can't recall how much our mains cost, but I reckon it's about RM 5-RM 6 (hubby had some spicy kuey teow noodles and a can of Chang beer).