Sunday, April 21, 2013


Like most folks out there, I've been using body shower gels for the longest time. And I was a long time user of Dettol shower gels too. I wasn't a fan of soaps because when I was much much younger, I remember my late grandmother bathing me in soaps like Lux and Palmolive, and the scent was so strong, I started disliking it. Plus the soaps were drying my skin, made me detest the idea of soaps even more. And I've always somehow felt that soaps couldn't clean enough (a perception probably).

My husband on the other hand, only uses soap in his showers. He has always use the soap, and will always only use the soap.

When a friend of mine started her new venture into making natural soaps using the cold press method, and I caught wind of it, and naturally I wanted to try her product and at the same time, give her some support. And since she had a soap sampler set at RM 20 for 3 bars of soap (about 30g each), I figured I'll try it out and decide for myself if I like her products or not. Plus I had confident in her products because she went into the business of making soap when her daughter was born and suffered from eczema, and being a concerned mother, she was trying to find an all-natural skincare solution for her precious one. You get where the story is headed :) If you want to know more about Kindersoaps, click here.

After the sampler pack, well, I started purchasing more soaps from Kindersoaps. I not only love the scent, which smells heavenly and makes me relax, the soap doesn't leave my skin dry like other brands of soap. Plus because the ingredients are all natural, I can also use it to wash my face, and not have that tight feeling after. My favourite bar of soap from them right now, is called Dreamtime. Free from all the unnecessary ingredients, kinks, fake scents, preservatives etc... Just good ol'natural ingredients and essential oils. What's good for baby is good for you too, right?

Kindersoap soap bars, some of my personal favourites.
If you're around Jaya 33 area, pop by their store and check out their products. They also have several stockists around the country where you can find their products.


I dislike using the bar soap too when I was little, because they used to give me itches! Ever since I discovered shower gels, I have never used a bar soap!

But since I'm a fan of all things natural, I might try out Kindersoaps :D Thanks for sharing!