Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Kompassion by myElephant @ Damansara Kim

Hubby was hinting over the weekend that he wanted to bring me to some new food outlet, and judging from his cheeky demeanour which sometimes makes me smile (cos he's as much a foodie a I am, maybe more, heh!), he was just as excited about the place as I was anticipating it. The only hint I got from him was that the location was in Damansara Kim

Now I'm pretty familiar with that area, having worked from one of the terrace houses where Integricity was based, and I don't recall seeing a new restaurant there the last time I passed by. So imagine my surprise when we drove past and I spotted this new Thai fusion place, right next to the mini mart.

Kompassion by myElephant, is a new player in town, serving up fusion Thai dishes, and they serves pork. Hubby got the know about this place through a friend who had recommended the place to him. Flipping through the menu, their servings do sound pretty fusion, a mix of Japanese, Korean, even Italian influence. I then discovered online that the chef is a Thai national, chef Nikom "Kom" Uatthong.

Pork satay, yums! RM 17.90++
For starters, I wanted to try their pork satay (couldn't resist, it's pork!). Five delicious marinated sticks, the sweet tangy flavour is sweet temptation to the palette, and even the dipping sauce is enticing.

Smoked salmon salad with eggplant and capsicum, RM 18.90++
This is one salad with a twist. It has slices of smoked salmon, eggplant and capsicum, sprinkled with kuaci and pumpkin seeds. The overall flavour of the salad was pretty heavy and spicy, and if you're just eating this alone, the taste can get pretty heavy on the palette.

Green curry with roasted pork belly, RM 35++
The star of the afternoon had to be this dish, green curry with roasted pork belly. I enjoyed the creamy texture of the curry, and if I were to compare it with the one from myElephant, I would pick this one because it's less oily, yet still full of flavour. Generous portions of pork was also a welcoming sight, be sure to order rice (fragrant rice per pax RM 3.50++) if you're planning to order this dish.

If you're planning to check this place out for dinner, I was told it's best to make reservations as it's been quite a hit with foodies. Also, it's best to go with a group of friends to split the cost, as the price factor is a bit on the higher side. For the 3 dishes and rice we had, our bill was close to RM 90. I'm also guessing they might start planning to dish out set lunches to attract the lunch crowd, must like their sister establishment myElephant is offering.