Monday, May 20, 2013

Ichiban Boshi @ Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur

We made a trip to Pavilion KL one weekend, as hubby's younger brother was in town and wanted to do some shopping. What better way to take the tourist to one of the hottest shopping locations in town, right? From Pavilion one can walk to Fahrenheit, Lot 10, Sungai Wang, and Times Square (if you really must cover all the hot spots as much as possible). 

While at Pavilion, the brother's new girlfriend said she wanted to have some sushi, so we headed to Ichiban Boshi, simply because it was the first Japanese outlet we came across when we walked into the mall. While ordering our food, the staff were actually preparing a monthly show in front of the outlet, a tuna cutting demonstration. I was rather in awe about the whole thing and had to snap some pictures. All four of us stood around to watch the entire process, which was led by their Japanese chef.

Guess my weight!

50 kilos waiting to be sliced up.

Chef slicing off the cheeks. 

While the demo was taking place, the Personal Assistant to the MD, who was holding the mike, was asking questions about the tuna. Whoever could give the correct answer gets a plate of freshly sliced tuna sashimi on the house! The first question he asked was the weight of the fish, and no one really answered it cos everyone's eyes were just fixated to the cutting process LOL!

Each cheek is priced at RM 35, which is not expensive at all.

And now to slice the body and fillet it.

One tough cookie...

The best part of the fish, tuna belly.
The second question the PA asked was what kind of tuna is this, and hubby raised his hands to answer "Yellow fin tuna". Bingo! And out table received a plate of tuna sashimi (3 slices) courtesy of the restaurant :D Actually the answer was a dead giveaway, because the tuna had yellow fins.

It was also through this process, I learnt that yellow fin tuna has no toro, or fatty belly. Toro is only found in the blue fin toro, and is highly prized because of its marbling.