Tuesday, May 7, 2013


5th May went down as history for many Malaysians, as they all came out in droves to designated polling stations, to cast their ballots, which will determine the fate of the country in the coming years. The results have been announced, but has left a very sour taste in the mouth and broken spirits, as it has left more questions than there are answers.

Too much has been going on, yet no one has been held accountable nor responsible. It's like some folks are untouchable... or are they? And it doesn't help when your country's  leader, is now fanning the flames of racism. What's even sadder is, that some folks are actually buying the stories and are fueling the flames. Is this what Malaysia has become? Do we really want this for our country? Are some of us too blind to see that the real culprits behind all these mess, are a group of people practicing elitism and only looking after their own agenda? They are probably sipping tea, lounging back in their patio and clutching their Birkins, laughing at all their minions who are doing their dirty jobs for them.

This is our Malaysia, our country. We all belong here. We are already home. The country belongs to the rakyat, not any political party. We are voting for a better Malaysia. And I hope you guys who are fanning all that bullshit and malice, will one day answer to a greater power, and be rightfully punished.

4th May - Stadium Kelana Jaya.

4th May - Stadium Kelana Jaya.

5th May - At the polling centre.

5th May - Inked.