Friday, May 24, 2013

Nick Vujicic in Malaysia, 22nd May 2013

I had the chance to attend a talk recently, by none other than the man himself, Nick Vujicic. If you've never heard of him, where have you been? Just kidding!

To keep things short, Nick was born without limbs, and has spent much of his life now dedicated to be a motivational speaker, especially to students. Despite the circumstances, he has remained very upbeat about his life, his motivation to share and educate, and is one that is full of love.

This event was organized by the Jeffrey Cheah Foundation and Sunway University, and it was indeed a huge event for its students, who were all clamouring to get a glimpse of Nick and take pictures of him. When I got to know about this event, the tickets for public (only 400 available, FOC) were already snapped up on 45 mins! I figured I wouldn't have much of a chance to attend the talk, so I didn't really bother about it much. Two days before the event, my workplace received a media event to attend the talk, and I tried my luck. Lo and behold, my colleagues and I were given the good news that we could attend :D

The stage is set for the special guest.
We found our way into the designated hall, and the venue was already packed with students. Good things for us media folks, our seats were right up front! While waiting for Nick to show up, the organizers started playing some video clips of the campus etc, and then we were told no photography or videos were allowed... with the exception of media folks... *smile*.

Nick Vujicic in person.
And when it was announced that Nick had arrived, everyone's spirit rose and was anticipating his appearance into the hall, with the photographers and videographers all ready to capture that significant moment. Aside from the campus hall, the live feed was also broadcast to other parts of the university, their campuses in Johore and Ipoh, and also the resort. Talk about reaching out to as many people as possible, Sunway University did a pretty good job covering this.

Everyone was thrilled to see Nick in person. He was funny, witty, charming, and to see this man in the flesh, it gave me the sense of possibility and hope. How sometimes we see ourselves so small, we plant the seeds of unworthiness inside of us, simply because we chose to see the bad side of things. Nick admitted to the audience that he had thoughts of suicide before as a child, and even attempted it before. He was teased, bullied, looked down upon, made to feel like a burden to his parents. Being a devout Christian, he is now channeling all love and energy, going around the world speaking to children, spreading the love and with a little bit of hope, change the world and make it a better place.

At the press conference after the talk, before heading to the airport to catch his flight to Vietnam.
After the talk, there was a short press conference in a nearby lecture room, and my colleagues and I quickly followed closely behind. Nick was still full of energy and taking questions from the media. I had a chance to ask him a question too, and my question to him was: can you share with us, what it felt like, to hold your child for the first time?

Nick was smiling the whole time, and you could tell he had an enormous amount of love for his wife and 3 months old son. His voice and eyes had a lot of sincerity in him, and he's pretty charming and funny too. 

I managed to take a short video clip during his talk, and I do agree with what he said in the video. Sometimes having a positive attitude may not be enough of a coping mechanism.

One of my favourite quotes from his book 'Unstoppable' is this: If a man without limbs can dream, why can't everyone else? The talk was inspiring, emotional (many from the audience, myself included, at one point, had tears in our eyes), and I've very glad to have had the chance to hear Nick Vujicic share his story and his strength.

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