Thursday, June 20, 2013

Little Secrets

If you follow my blog from day one, you would have come to realize that I tend to blog more when my mood is down. Somehow sitting in front of the PC and my fingers on the keyboard helps to release some of the pent up energy and frustration one would inevidently go through in what is known as life. Words somehow would start to flow through my fingers and I'll start tapping away rhythmically. Often times I would stop to read what I've just typed, and then just continue until I have no more words.

And then I look back at some of drafts I've previously crafted out, all archived and in storage. Some had a lot of anger in it, others had a lot of sadness. Anger towards someone or an event, sadness towards something else. All my emotions, all my feelings at that moment in time, are now permanently locked up with all those blog drafts. And when I look back and read them, it feels different.

Perhaps maintaining a blog had also been therapeutic for me, for it gives me an avenue to channel all my pent up emotions into this confined space. What I cannot say, I write. I don't care if any one ever reads them, it's a platform for me let it all out.

There has been plenty of blog drafts over the years, and they will stay in this secret little folder with me. We all have our secrets, and I have mine too.