Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Pee Pee Boy

One of the little souvenirs we got from out trip to Beijing was this little clay figure, animatedly called 'pee pee boy'. We got him from the tea shop after we bought some tea bricks and tea leaves, and the staff at the shop gave us two clay figures as tokens. Pee pee boy is not for sale, unless you're looking at eBay.

Essentially, what pee pee boy does is, to tell you if the water is hot enough. If you think about it, it's actually a very clever gimmick to entice you to buy the tea products, just so you can get your hands on pee pee boy. So how does pee pee boy actually pee?!

The equation is pretty simple. First you need to pour hot water on to pee pee boy. Since it's made of clay, and clay expands when it's hot, after you soak pee pee boy with hot water, dunk it into cold or room temperature water for a few minutes. Hot and cold, you get the theory. Take pee pee boy out and give it a shake, you can actually hear the water slushing inside of the figurine.

Stand pee pee boy up, pour hot water on him again and watch him shoot jet streams of water from his tiny penis! It's really quite a novelty, I had fun just playing with him HAHAHAHAHA!!!