Thursday, July 18, 2013

Rampant Violence

Such news is becoming common, so much so everyone is getting so angry, yet somehow we also feel powerless. What is wrong with our country now? Crime is becoming so rampant, it's like we're expecting to hear such dreaded news on a daily basis, and shrugging our shoulders. 

What is our government doing to curb such events? Debating in Parliament over the silliest of all matters, telling people to flash their panties, arguing over some stupid ink, throwing the books at publicity hungry porn actors, and on top of that telling the whole nation that the police had absolutely no power.

Then what in blazes is PDRM set up for?!? To look pretty and pose for the camera??? The citizens are clutching their lives in fear every fucking minute, wondering who would be next, praying hard that robbers won't target them. People are skeptics to everyone around them now, and at every roar of a passing motorcyclist, we turn out heads and watch with careful eyes whether or not the rider (and pillion rider) is a potential snatch thief.

We keep telling each other, hide our bags underneath the seat, out of sight, out of mind. And yet the robbers are getting more brazen, smashing windows at traffic junctions and assaulting the drivers or passengers. They mask their faces with full face helmets, and some don't even bother with the helmet. They carry with them parangs and other weapons to scare and threaten, and slash before you can even speak.

And you have the nerve to say crime is just  a perception. Well, let me tell you this. You're a perception too. And you're better off fading into oblivion than sucking up precious oxygen from the rest of us here who are finding ways to cope with all the onslaught of crimes and are actually taking preventive measures about it. Maybe you should experience an assault from these robbers one day, then we'll see what you think about your perception.


What about stalking people in the neighbourhood and tracing their computer ip address through facebook and email address?