Monday, August 19, 2013

Restoran 126 @ Taman Bukit Mayang Emas

Discovered this place when a colleague asked a few of us out for lunch. I have passed this row of shop lots over a thousand times, but have never realized there was this one shop which served bitter gourd noodles. 

Truth be told, I have never really liked bitter gourd (for obvious reasons). But ever since I learnt the method on how to reduce its bitterness (just by soaking the sliced veg in a bowl of salted water), I've begun to accept this vegetable and once a while consume it. 

Restoran 126.
The Chinese have this saying for bitter gourd; It's said to be good for detox and heatiness. That's what the Chinese always say, if it's bitter, it's good for you. 

Apparently bitter gourd is known by so many other names.

More than just noodles!
Looking at their menu, bitter gourd noodles is one of their specialty. And just by looking the menu, you will have to fight back this feeling of wanting to order everything on the menu. This place also serves curry noodles, 'za-jiang' noodles, pork chop rice, ginger duck, and pork trotter in vinegar (yums!). Prices are reasonable too, with noodles starting from RM 5.50. If you're going for noodles, pick the noodle dish you want, and select the type of noodles (choose between mee, 'keuy teow', 'yee mee', 'lou shu fun', wantan mee, 'mee sua')

Bitter gourd special meat paste noodles - RM 6.50
On my first visit there, I went for the bitter gourd special paste noodles, served with wantan mee. Generous slices of bitter gourd, together with the pork paste and tofu slices, the soup was sweet to the last drop!

Pork trotter with vinegar - RM 8.00
On my second visit there with hubby, I decided to go for their daily special (their daily special differs from day to day, so check the notice board). This dish does not include rice or noodles, so if you want to have a bowl of rice or noodles, add another RM 1.00.

I'm always a sucker for pork trotter with vinegar. There's something about vinegar which delights my taste buds, can't really explain why. I know some of my guy friends love this confinement dish too.

Restoran 126 is located in Taman Bukit Mayang Emas, just next to Restoran Citystar. If you know your way to Restoran Wong Poh (seafood restaurant), you'll be able to locate this one.