Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Home-made Gyoza

It was a long weekend due to Malaysia Day, and I was feeling adventurous with food. I had some minced pork in the fridge and I wanted to make something out of it. So I mentioned to hubby about making gyoza, and he fully agreed. I went hunting for some gyoza wrappers from a nearby supermarket, and got to work.

The gyozas turned out pretty well actually. Hubby helped me pan fry them in batches, and the first batch of 10 had a slightly burnt bottom because the heat was a little too high, so after a few adjustments we kinda have the cooking method down to pat.

Home-made gyoza with pork fillings. Perfect with black vinegar!

Store bought gyoza wrappers (the pack I bought had 30 pieces).
Minced pork, about 400 grams.
Ginger, about thumb-size, peeled and grated.
Garlic, 2-3 cloves, chopped.
Chives, chopped finely.
1/2 tps salt
1/2 tps white pepper
1 tbps sesame oil (because I love sesame oil)

Note: Some recipes call for cabbage in the filling, but I opted to use chives instead cos I love the pungent aroma of chives.

For cooking:
Oil to coat the skillet
100ml water

In a big bowl, mix all the ingredients up and set aside. Set all the gyoza wrappers on a big plate and using a teaspoon, scoop one teaspoon of filling into the wrapper (too much and you'll have trouble sealing the wrapper). Dab a bit of water on the sides to seal the ends, folding pleats along the way. My first few tries to fold pleats didn't work out so well, but slowly I got the hang of it hahahah! They're still not as pretty as restaurant style ones, I'll practise more ;)

Once I got all the gyozas wrapped up, heat up the skillet with oil on medium heat. Place the gyozas in batches and brown the under side until it's golden. Once it's brown, pour the water into the skillet and close the lid, the water will sizzle and evaporate (will take a few minutes), cooking the top side of the gyoza. If you want you can drizzle a little bit more sesame oil on the gyoza. When the meat feels firm to the touch, the gyozas are done. Serve with some black vinegar (or you can add some chopped chilli into the vinegar for some spicy flavour).

Here's the recipe I tweaked from: http://www.steamykitchen.com/5874-gyoza-recipe-japanese-pan-fried-dumplings.html

My next adventure with gyoza, I want to try to make my own gyoza/dumpling skin :)