Monday, October 14, 2013

A New Sport

Hubby recently took up a new sport: Golf. He was never one to fancy golf, cos it is quite a slow and boring game (to me anyway). Plus he was more a cardio person, preferring to either hit the gym, run or play his weekly badminton. So when a colleague asked if he would be keen to sign up for a 10 classes at a discounted rate, he figured let's just give his a shot and see where it will take him lah.

And so far, he's been liking this new sport. Still learning the ropes and all, and this sport requires different sets of muscles (which involves him forcing his muscles to work at different degrees), and also understanding all the various factors like weather, wind etc, how it affects the game, type of equipment bla bla bla, you get the picture. New knowledge, new skills, new experience. And by the looks of it, hubby has caught the golf bug, and may soon start to hunt around for a set of golf clubs.

Hubby practicing to chip.

Here he is at the Tropicana driving range, practicing using the iron.
He has since got himself a decent pair of golf shoes for better grip.

Hubby's colleague KG, who is a golf payer himself. He dropped by to give hubby a few useful pointers.


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