Monday, October 28, 2013

Dragon Boating @ Putrajaya

*Long overdue post!

The workplace had the chance to experience dragon boating, courtesy of one of our guest, KL Barbarians, who came on our weekend segment. DRAGON BOATING!

The first thing which came on my mind when I heard dragon boating was... SIBEH TIRED. And yet, how could I say no to such an experience, right? I mean I'll probably come back with aching arms and a sore back, but I'm only going to do this once for the experience, heck! So I asked hubby if he wanted to join me, to which he jumped at the chance :D

It was a good day for dragon boating, sunny and clear skies. Which also means slather on the sunscreen cos you're gonna get burn! After a brief introduction about the activity, the do's and the don'ts, the instructor had us to some warm up exercises to get our spirits pumped up before the real action starts - which also led to some catching their breaths.

On still waters.

Paying full attention.

Paddles up!
Once on water, we were briefed about paddling, and made several attempts to paddle the boat in a certain number of strokes, to see our stance. From 20 strokes, to 30 strokes, to 50 strokes, you get the gist. And because dragon boating is not so much about who has the more muscular members on board but rather, about team work and good synchronization to power the boat forward, this sports emphasizes on collective team work, collaboration, and a good understanding between team members, to work as one.

Possibly the toughest routine we did on that day was, paddling the boat two-on-two. In one boat, we can sit about 16 pax, 8 on each row (excluding the instructor and rear). The instructor had us paddling the boat row by row, two person at a time. Now it might seem easy as we're on water, but damn! It is actually damn hard to paddle and power the entire boat with just two person paddling! Again this was coming down the being in sync with your partner sitting beside you, making sure the both of us enter and exit out of the water at the same time.

One of the longest journey my boat had to do was coming back to the pier, as a colleague of mine was exhausted, so we sent her back to the shores first. And that journey, according to the instructor, was between 500 to 600 meters, which was pretty damn far for beginners to start with (the previous distances we were only doing between 100 to 200 meters, to get the feel of dragon boating).

Move it move it!

In formation everyone!
During the last leg of the workshop, both boats were pitted to a race, covering about 250 meters. It was a very very close race, with a lot of trash talking in between.

Overall everyone enjoyed themselves, and it was indeed a fantastic experience for all, even for KL Barbarians, to get to meet in person some of the presenters and also the team behind everything. Despite most of us being first timers to dragon boat, we enjoyed the 3-hour lesson, sore arms, sore butts and all. I think some of the members are now keen to take up dragon boating more often too. My arms didn't feel sore the next day, that said, it was my shoulders, lower back muscles, and my butt that felt the sore hahahaha!

Thank you KL Barbarians for the lovely photos. If you are keen to take up dragon boating, head over the the Putrajaya marina and look out for KL Barbarians, they are there every Saturday morning from 8am for their weekly practise.