Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Pink Ribbon Month

It's October and it's also breast cancer awareness month.

The last time I blogged about the pink month was in 2006, when I want to 1Utama to check out the Pink Ribbon roadshow. You can read about it here.

A good friend of mine has just battled with breast cancer stage 1, and it has been quite an eye opener for me. Not only did she go through a second miscarriage during her second trimester, not longer after that, she discovered she had a lump on her breast. And after getting it checked out, it was confirmed she had breast cancer stage 1. 

Lucky thing is, she has insurance coverage from her employer, so her medical bills were covered. I dread to think what would have happened if she didn't have medical coverage, considering medical bills these days cost a bomb. And because it was at the very early stages, her doctor recommended radiotherapy and chemotherapy thereafter, to completely eradicate all cancer cells. 

She went back to work after a 4 month break, and I hope she regains all her strength to continue living with her family :) She has been such a strong fighter, and she was one of my pillar of support during my down time last year. 

I don't say this much, but I look up to such people for strength. They may be your everyday man or woman on the streets, but when you get to know their story and sometimes hardship, it compels you to think, you're not that weak after all. You just have look deep down inside you to find that missing piece of the puzzle that will keep you going. And it also helps to be surrounded by a good support group, one that will help to alleviate all that pain and pump in some good useful words, mental and emotional strength. All those friends who tell you crap, pretend to know what you're going through and pass judgement, you can drop them like flies and you won't miss a thing.