Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Some Quick Updates

The past couple of weeks have been pretty busy, what with launching a new project, being the internal support for my team members, helping out with some company events. This year has just been a blessing for me, getting to know new friends, experience new things, gaining new knowledge. Despite the odds that were against me last year, this year has been fulfilling and I've been embracing everything new that has some my way :) And I feel good about them, I really do. I'm glad I made the move to move on, I had to lose something in order to gain something. More on that later.

Last month I helped out with two events back to back, phew! It was tiring, but because we didn't engage any third part events company to help us out, a lot of us chipped in and did as much as we could. 

The first event was the BFM Raise your Game Bootcamp, a closed door event which the Sales team had invited folks from the media industry (media specialists and media agencies). The idea of this bootcamp was to share with the media folks about the potentials of BFM, the market that's out there, the type of people we interview, and also listening to some folks speak about their struggle and hardship before finding success. During the intervals, the guests also had a chance to sample some of our homegrown business ideas and products, as we had invited some of the previous guests who had been on our 10am show, to set up their booths. We had products like ice-cream, homemade soap, lotion, coffee etc.

At the opening of Raise Your Game Bootcamp 2013.

A crowd of almost 150 pax. Some speakers were invited to share their story and experience about being entrepreneurs.

The next event on the following week was an annual affair by the radio station, the BFM Enterprise Breakaway 2013. This event was of a larger scale, attracting about 500 participants (I managed to say hi to some ex-colleagues who signed up for this event, thanks guys for the support!). Some of the speakers this year included folks from Catcha Group, Boston Consulting Group, and even a very funny entrepreneur from Penang, Pentamaster. I still recall this quote from him: People always say there is light at the end of the tunnel. What they don't tell you is, that light could be from an oncoming train!

Before the event.

Malek Ali undergoing a grill from the audience.

Rick Ramli from Boston Consulting.

Patrick Grove from Catcha Group.

Bernie from Sketchpost and her lovely lovely on-the-spot sketches of the entire event!
We're now planning for another year end event, which is going to be a heck of a blast! Fancy running up the stairway to the 63rd floor?