Friday, October 18, 2013

Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2013

Hubby took part in his first Standard Chartered marathon this year, and being a supportive wife, of course I must go with him lah :P Ok I didn't run, but I was at the finishing line waiting for him hyuk!

Prior to heading downtown, we were actually contemplating driving down, but then we got to know about all that road closure etc, decided against the idea. Then we got to know that there was a special arrangement from Putra LRT, and that there were opening the stations from 3am onwards, to facilitate the event. What better way than to take the train downtown and avoid all that traffic! Plus at 3am, the only folks on board would be all the participants! 

We woke up super early, something like 3.30am, got dressed, had a quick breakfast, drove next door to pick his colleague up, and were on our way from Kelana LRT to Masjid Jamek. A sea of blue and white filled the train as we rode the train down to Masjid Jamek, and took an early morning stroll to Dataran Merdeka. The atmosphere was already pretty intense, as the half marathon was just about to flag off at 5.45am.

The 21KM category waiting to be flagged off.

The group of percussionists entertaining the crowd.
As the time got closer to hubby's 10KM category flag off at Padang Merbok (a short walk away from Dataran Merdeka), he and his friends walked off while I lingered around to see if I could spot any friends. This group of percussionists were at the corner of the pavement, making really exciting music and keeping the crowd utterly entertained :)

At the finishing line of SCKLM 2013.

Waiting patiently for the first few 42KM runners to come back.
About 6.30am, which was the flag off time for the 10KM category in Padang Merbok, I was loitering around when I heard the emcee saying they have spotted the first six runners from the 42KM category, and they were about 15mins away from the finishing line. WTFFFFF?!?

So I waited patiently for the super mutant runners to reach. 15mins wasn't that far away, those guys must have been flying throughout the course! As I readied my camera to film the first person to cross the finishing line, I forgot my camera was set to take still photos LOL! So I missed the first runner, but managed to get a video of the second place runner to come in, who was following very closely behind the winner. Them legs were stretched out to the max...! Watch the second place runner speed through!

And there's hubby crossing the finishing line, achieving a personal best and qualifying for the finisher medal too!
Overall the event is pretty OK, heard there were at least 23,000 participants this year (wow!). Got to know that the company who handled all the timing chip this year was a Dutch company, MYLAPS