Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Pork Green Curry

While at the Phuket International Airport, I was browsing around and stumbled upon a shop selling several kinds of cooking paste, such as green curry, yellow curry, and tomyam. Being a foodie, I couldn't resist so I bought some cooking paste back, then I can cook some yummy meals for the hubby.

This dish here is pork green curry. While the paste is very aromatic, it was also very spicy for green curry! Maybe that's how the Thais like it, SPICY!

Green curry paste (this serving is for 3-5 pax, as I had a lot of pork)
Semi-lean pork meat, sliced (next time I'll use roast pork)
1 cup (about 200ml) coconut milk
Potatoes (pre-boil them, cut into large cubes - optional)
Red chilli, sliced (remove the seeds)
Half a cup of green peas
Kaffir leaves
Thai sweet basil leaves (optional)
1 to 1.5 cups of water

Using a large pan, heat up the coconut milk until it's just boiling. Add the green curry paste and stir until the mixture is creamy. Add the sliced pork and stir them until they are cooked. Add the potatoes, eggplant, chilli, green peas, kaffir leaves and and stir occasionally. Add the water if the mixture gets too thick. Close the pan and keep the flame on low for a few minutes to let the mixture cook slowly. Just before dishing it out, bring the mixture to boil.


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