Sunday, December 22, 2013

SlimWalk Compression Socks.

This was something I discovered during our trip to Japan: Slimwalk compression socks. A very popular product in Japan, these socks increase blood circulation around the legs, reduces water retention and great for tired legs, all while toning the legs too. 

At JPY1080 (about RM 36), it is quite affordable, and being the curious one, I got myself a pair of these, and another pair which separates your toes.

So how do these socks feel? I love the material, lycra. It's stretchable and breathable, doesn't feel too tight around the legs, yet keeps the legs feeling warm especially on a rainy day. You might be thinking it must be quite hot to wear these socks to bed, but really, it's not hot at all. In fact, because the material is breathable, it's actually comfortable to wear to bed.

If you're the type who is constantly in a pair of heels for long hours, these compression socks are good for your legs. And if you suffer from water retention (pregnant ladies especially), these compression socks are highly recommended. I'm usually in flats or sneakers most of the time, but there are days your legs will feel a little tired, and that's when these socks come in handy. 

You can get the exact brand from online shopping sites like Rakuten, but it will cost you more than double the price at least (check it out here: I think you might also be able to find some resellers in too.