Monday, January 27, 2014

Just One More Day

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Things were in motion. Everything was falling into place. The procedure was scheduled for tomorrow 28th January. You were supposed to be admitted today and prep for tomorrow's surgery. You were already taking necessary action after knowing of your condition and the steps needed, you are very brave. 

We scrambled to find as many matching blood donors as possible over the weekend, when your doctor gave word that he wanted matching blood donors for the surgery. Your good friends came to your aid, and matching donors were adequate. Everything was set in motion.

You took your son to school this morning, your wife drove. Your plan was to drop your son and then admit yourself to the specialist centre and get prepped up for surgery tomorrow. After you dropped your son, your wife noticed you looked a little unwell, and took you to a nearby clinic, where the doctor on duty saw you and immediately told your wife to take you straight to the nearest hospital.

You were pronounced dead on arrival.

The news reached me that very same morning via a text message, barely a few hours after you left. It hit me like a huge club had just smacked me right across the face. I felt my fingers tremble as I typed on the keyboard, relating the news to my sister. My head felt heavy, but I had to keep myself compose. It was too sudden, too sudden. 

Just one more day. Namo amithaba, may your soul rest in peace Lam, you will be missed.